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Volunteerism is one of the most important activities Back Country Horsemen can use to support our effort and mission to perpetuate enjoyable common sense stock use in the backcountry. A central point of our mission statement is to assist government agencies in maintenance and management of public lands. 


By using our time and resources, we help insure that public land remains open to recreational stock use by earning a seat at the table where we can influence agency decisions concerning access to public lands by pack and saddle stock users. 

The value of being able to speak with public lands managers from the position of having provided volunteer service cannot be overstated whether it is on the local ranger district or in Washington D.C. 


However, the hours and value of volunteer service by Back Country Horsemen are consistently underreported. It is up to us at the chapter level to track and report our service. Our chapters Volunteer Hours Coordinator (VHC) is responsible for reporting the hours that members work and the expenses that they incur during their service. Each Chapter reports to the State organization, the State compiles the chapter reports into a summary report to BCHA. 


Back Country Horsemen of Washington
Volunteer Hours Patch Program


The Volunteer Hours Patch program awards your for their volunteer services.  The Volunteer Hours Coordinator (VHC) will keep a running total of its member’s hours.  When the member achieves a certain number of hours, they should receive volunteer patches.  Volunteer patches are available from 50 to 5000 hour chevrons.  They are to be sewn under the triangle arm patch. 

When a member has achieved their first recorded 50 hours, they should receive their triangle arm patch and their 50 hour chevron.  


The member must record another 100 hours to receive their next chevron.  The member should have a total of 150 hours at that time. The member must record another 200 hours before they can receive their next chevron.  The member should have 350 hours at that time. The member must record another 500 hours before they can receive their next chevron.  The member should have 850 hours at that time.

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Complete and turn in to your Volunteer Hours Coordinator. This is a great from to print out and have in your truck when going out to do trail work. You can fill it out with pencil/pen while everything is fresh on your mind.

Why Volunteer

Volunteerism is one of the most important activities that BCHW can use to support our effort and mission of perpetuating enjoyable and common sense stock use in the back country.

  • Volunteering helps keep trails open for all types of users.  It shows us as a good neighbor with the community, youth and other user groups by ensuring that public lands remain open to recreational use.

  • Volunteering is our clout.  Legislators and land managers know that our volunteer hours are an asset.

  • Volunteering gives credibility to BCHW during discussions with land managers.  Volunteers perform work that would not otherwise get done when government funding is cut. 

  • Volunteering and recording those volunteer hours gives BCHW Chapters an opportunity to participate in grant programs that can augment government funding cuts. 

  • Volunteering has a positive effect when talking with land managers.  It shows that as a user group we take responsibility for keeping our public lands in good condition for future generations.

  • Volunteering helps overcome negative opinions about sharing trails and enhances our image as stock riders on trails.

  • Volunteering gives a sense of pride, brings a positive attitude to the chapter and promotes teamwork by planning, building, and maintaining trails and trailheads.

  • Volunteering spreads the LEAVE NO TRACE message by educating others and ourselves on the wise use of the back country resources.

  • Without volunteers, trail workers and staff people alike, our organization wouldn’t be what it is now. 

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