We ride, we do trail work, we pack and we all come together in any way we can with the time we have to make things better for our chapter, BCHW and other user groups. We have a full summer ahead of us—plenty of work, riding, horse camping and good times. ~Larry Baysinger, President

We have a full calendar of events planned for this year, our chapters first full year of existence, so please join us if you can!


First, I would like to thank all of you for your support last year and for voting me back in as President.  I will strive to live up to the BCHW Mission Statement, “To perpetuate the common sense use and enjoyment of horses in America’s back country and wilderness”. 


Mt. Olympus Chapter is moving into its’ tenth month of existence.  We are moving ahead, making great strides..... Our efforts as a Chapter, working together at meetings and events, as well as on our own time have all contributed to this Chapter coming together and moving up trail in respect of our mission statement....

We will continue with our normal snacks/potluck before the meeting.   The Elwha Community Center has worked out well for us.  For those of you who haven’t been to many meetings, the building was remodeled so we now have a very nice indoor bathroom.....


The thing is, we as a Chapter have only begun working toward our history and legacy as we all work together to move Mt Olympus Chapter forward along the trail.  Elections are coming up at the next Chapter meeting, on November 20th, third Monday of the month.  This is a very important meeting and election.  It will be our first true election for President, Treasurer and Secretary.  The Director will stay in another year and then that position will be up for election.


Riding fresh horses can be a challenge.  Sometimes it takes some ground work to get things going smoothly.  Some horses come around easy, some come with resistance.  But, in the end we get on and ride.  Same with our new Chapter.  Officers, chair people, chapter members all coming together with vision and a good solid mission statement will get us on track, growing and getting things done, with good satisfying results at the end of the day.   this item about? What makes it interesting? 


A few weeks back, while working in the barn, the phone rang.  It was Heather Stevens Volunteer Coordinator for ONP.  She asked for help at the Queets trailhead camp trail loop removing some remaining windfalls that the Washington Conservation Corp wasn’t able to finish because of budget issues in Olympia...


Summer is now here! The weather has turned, trails have dried out and the river fords are dropping. My thoughts go to the to the top of Mt Muller, the Bogachiel and Elwha River back country, the out-of-the-way horse camps that the old timers used and shared with me over the years. Trail dust, horse sweat and campfire smoke is enough to draw any backcountry riders to pack their gear and go. 


I would like to thank everyone for their efforts in making our monthly chapter meetings successful, educational and social. These efforts will definitely keep our members inspired and looking forward to participating in the growth of Mt Olympus Chapter. Our social hour before the meetings, with the great food provided by members and sharing our common interests is a good thing. Our programs/guest speakers have been very applicable in furthering our horse education. 


April has come and gone and with it a lot of cold, wet, windy days. In spite of the weather, we were able to get the Littleton Horse Camp ready for use. The water system is set up and operational and our crew of volunteers cleaned and spruced up the campsites and horse corral area. While these activities were happening, some of our certified sawyers were getting windfalls removed on the trail. The horse camp and the road in hasn’t looked better than this in years, thanks to our Mt Olympus volunteers. 


As I see it, we have a new and moving Chapter with members both new and long-standing with BCH. We have a lot of talent to make a difference in education and training and just plain helping each other enjoy the trails and the back country that’s right here in our back yards. 


Well, looks like the trip has started, we’re off the trailhead and moving up the trail. Looking back, the loads are balanced, we’re making good progress, but right now we’re short on help. If this outfit was a pack string, we’d be looking for some more pack mules. In this case, we need some chair people and our March 20th meeting we hope we can wrangle up some. 


As I shared with you all at our meeting last week, the potential for all of us as a Chapter is great and the need for work on back country trails, as well as education and training is even greater.

As we wait for this to play out, get ready to “put some skin” in the game with ideas, energy and a lot of effort.

“Riding Fresh Horses!” Larry 

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